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Best Summit Hikes in Colorado
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Best Summit Hikes Denver to Vail James Dziezynski

Best Summit Hikes: Denver to Vail
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  • Mount Epworth via Jenny Lake / Needle Eye Tunnel – Trip Report
    Directions Google Earth view of the route from Jenny Lake to Mount Epworth. From the east, go the the small town of Rollinsville off Highway 119. Turn west into the East Portal Road (CO 16) and follow the well-maintained dirt road 7.4 miles to the sharp right turn up Moffat ... read more
    By James Dziezynski
  • Mount Silverheels 13,822′ – Trip Report
    Downloads: GPX File | KMZ File for Google Earth Mystic looks east from the summit of 13,822′ Mount Silverheels. Mount Silverheels checks in as Colorado’s 96th tallest ranked summit. At 13,822’, it’s technically a Front Range mountain, but as a hike, it’s more like a classic Sawatch Range Peak: long, ... read more
    By James Dziezynski
  • Little Bear Peak – Trip Report – Colorado 14ers
    Ah, Little Bear Peak, so we meet again. This 14,037’ summit in the Sangre de Cristo Range has a well-earned reputation as having the most difficult standard route out of all of the 58 recognized 14ers in Colorado. As a fellow climber remarked on her way off the mountain, ... read more
    By James Dziezynski
  • Caffeine Detox: It’s Gonna Hurt
    Caffeine withdrawal is a real thing. If you don’t believe me, try drinking 2 – 5 cans of Monster Energy drink for 6 months then shutting off the switch. Better yet, let me tell you my experience and save you the trouble. I was ingesting about 400 – 500 mg ... read more
    By James Dziezynski
  • Surviving the Political Wilderness
    The wilderness is both my sanctuary and my livelihood. The ardent and transparently destructive stance towards public lands by our current president and his administration has been troubling, to say the least. I’ve always been tuned into the political side of environmental issues—a “part time warrior” as crusty ol’ Edward ... read more
    By James Dziezynski
  • When the Mountains are Calling and You Cannot Go
    “Go back?” he thought. “No good at all! Go sideways? Impossible! Go forward? Only thing to do! On we go!” So up he got, and trotted along with his little sword held in front of him and one hand feeling the wall, and his heart all of a patter and ... read more
    By James Dziezynski

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James Dziezynski (@JamesDZ) is a best-selling author and writer based in Boulder, Colorado. 

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